My name is Jacob, I would like to welcome you to my personal CV page. It contains information about my skills, abilities and interests. You can find about my work experience in my career tab and you can  contact me if you're interested. I possess a good knowledge of basic and semi-advanced bookkeeping and accounting. I'm very good with all aspects of PC hardware including building PCs and servers from basic pieces plus managing and maintaining operating systems, mostly Windows platforms but I'm also familiar with Linux. I can prepare complete LAN networks from the ground up. While having a working knowledge of building and hosting  WordPress WEB pages.  I have extremely good manual skills and have an  ability to learn things quickly together with great hunger for acquiring new knowledge.


In June 2006 I finished High School of Electronic and Information specializing in  electronic, automation and robotics (A2 level). 

In February 2007 I started to work as a computer engineer for Milmex sp z o.o. while studying  IT in WSTI in Katowice. After one and half years I left  study to focus on work where I continued to learn and polish my IT skills.

In October 2010 I began Business Education in ASBIRO (original site).  It was a one year  course run by Kamil Cebulski. It's a program with all basic knowledge required to run a company and make it grow.




  • Routers, modems and switches
  • PC all kind of hardware (CPU, Motherboard,RAM,GPU, PSU etc.)
  • Drillers, hammers, angle grinder and all kind of basic electric-hardware
  • Packaging machine used in food company
  • Moderate knowledge of electricity and electric lanes


  • Windows
  • MS office
  • Bookkeeping
  • Basic knowledge of graphic programs
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress
  • Mail clients (MS Outlook, Thunterbird and others including mobile ones)
  • Software data recovery
  • Data wiping
  • Virtual Machines
  • Installation of operation systems and all necessary drivers
  • Monitoring and adjusting system and BIOS, overclocking


  • Good team leader skills
  • 'Can do' attitude
  • Good ability to observe and draw conclusions
  • Positive and polite personality
  • I'm kind of handyman


  • Polish (native)
  • English (moderate - communicative knowledge  including speaking and writing)