Hein Daniels

April 2017 - present

Quality Control Technician – night shifts

My duties and responsibilities is to maintain perfect production standards for our customers. I put all efforts to make sure that quality of products, metal detections procedures, dates and labels, packaging are on top class level. I also test if level of chemicals and fruit solutions are on correct level. Being in close touch with production manager and team leaders I make sure that factory runs well and is preparing solid and high quality for consumers in all England.


Serious Sweet Company

June 2015 - March 2017

Team Leades Assistant

Leading team of production operatives, preparing and running production line, dividing orders between team members, preparing and setting up machines and whole production process :

Preparing  products, cutting into pieces with Soniccutter robot. Maintaining multi-head scales. Packaging  the product into bags, boxes and cases, then palletising. Managing the warehouse to keep it clean, tidy and well as well organised.


All Jobs Done

October 2012 - February 2015


I was running a computer service, focusing on hardware and networks, grocery store and newspaper shop. Personally I was focused on running the IT part of both companies and bookkeeping (VAT,Income Tax,calculations and payments) I have good knowledge of maintaining  tax records and all paperwork for running a small company; including VAT calculations, costs, incomes etc.. My main duty was recalculation of invoices for the biggest medical surgery in Katowice (Poland) that National Health Service was paying based on a points system. I was taking care of all hardware and network requirements while managing the backing up of data. Finding, fixing and creating reports of work for directors of the clinic.
Tax payments for all companies in Poland are done mostly every month, that includes calculating and sending Income Tax and VAT.



August 2011 - September 2012

Serviceman of computers and cash registers

Servicing computers and networks. Building desktop computers and servers from parts. Fixing common problems with operating systems and hardware. Planning and setting up networks, which included the setting up of all cables, WI-FI, routers, eventually VPN. Mainly focused on commercial customers.
Programming and preparing cash registers (Polish rules of Income Tax and VAT tax force all retailers to use it with many restrictions). Servicing cash registers (it has to be done every 2 years).


Milmex sp z o.o.

February 2007 - February 2009


Serviceman of computers and network

Building and servicing Personal Computers and servers for companies. Building and managing networks.

Finding problems and fixing hardware and all common errors with hardware and systems. Data restoring, data deletion.